Ilford Friday Favourites Best of 2017

I'm honoured to be included in Ilford's final 'Friday Favourites' of 2017. There is a fine selection of images here, so do check them out. There is a lot more to explore on Ilford's newly refurbished website too, included lots of educational content. I especially like the Learning Zone, which is building into quite a collection already.

The Emulsive Ilford community interview

Purveyors of photographic materials Ilford really need no introduction. Their name already permeates this blog. They are rightly known for the quality and consistency of their products, and many a photographer and darkroom worker relies on them.

In May, Emulsive (a website dedicated to film) invited questions via social media to put to this great company. Ilford have been generous in the time and consideration given to their response, and they answered an impressive number of questions. Click on the button below for the link. It makes good reading for anyone interested in the UK photo industry, and especially the future of film.